The Merv Riepe Plan

Lower your tax burden 

  • Fight efforts to increase taxes
  • Lower income taxes on working Nebraskans
  • Reform property taxes
  • Reduce government spending

Grow our economy 

  • Work to grow and retain small businesses across the state
  • Attract new companies and jobs to Nebraska
  • Prepare our children and grandchildren for the future with improved educational outcomes and workforce development training

Reform health care 

  • Fight for health care accessibility.
  • Ensure the quality of patient care
  • Promote affordability of care through innovative solutions
  • Empower patients to make the best health care decisions

Ensure quality education 

  • Prioritize school funding
  • Support local control of schools
  • Promote the best educational outcomes for students

Prioritize public safety 

  • Oppose benefits for illegal immigrants
  • Protect the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution
  • Maintain the death penalty for the most heinous crimes
  • Ensure adequate funding for corrections and law enforcement